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IEP/ARD Coaching and Support for Parents

Preserving the school/parent relationship is critical to student success.  The parent will always be the best advocate for their child, but sometimes they just need a little help to get on the right track.  High-priced advocates will take your money and potentially destroy your relationship with the school.  I can teach YOU what you need to know to assertively get the services your child needs without compromising your relationship with school personnel.

Contact me by phone, email or contact form for a free consultation to determine your level of need and support.  If I decide to take your case, a fee of $75.00 is required for a full document review and personalized, step-by-step action plan.  

If attendance at an ARD meeting is needed, a reasonable fee is negotiated based on distance from my home and amount of time anticipated for the meeting.

Parent Training Workshops

Parent training on a wide variety of special education and disability-related topics are available for your organization.  Choose from the following course selections or have a training personalized for your specific needs.  Contact me for pricing and scheduling.

Training Topics Currently Available - or design your own:

  • Back to School Boot Camp for Parents (3-hour intensive training)
  • Top 5 Tips on Preparing for the ARD Meeting
  • Evaluation Reports and the IEP - What Parents Need to Know
  • Transition Through All Ages and Stages
  • Building an Introduction Portfolio for your Child
  • Organizing and Understanding ARD Paperwork

Professional Development and Training for  School Personnel and Other Service Providers

I can design a training based on your specific needs and requirements, or choose from the topics below.  Call for details, pricing, and scheduling.

Training Topics Currently Available - or design a training based on your needs:

  • Special Education Basic Training for Service Providers - this training will provide service personnel with a basic overview of the special education process as defined by IDEA (federal special education law) in order to fully participate in supporting clients in the ARD/IEP process.
  • The Other Side of the Table:  Improving Parent Engagement in the Special Education Process - Studies show that parent involvement is the key to special education success and teamwork is critical for positive student outcomes.  This training is specifically designed for school personnel who wish to better engage parents in the special education process.

More details coming soon on this page!
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