Nelson Educational Consulting
Specializing in Disability Support


Brenda L. Nelson, M.S., is uniquely qualified in the ARD/IEP process having first-hand experience advocating for her now 18-year-old son who began receiving special education services at the age of three with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum.  Brenda has dedicated much of the past 15 years to helping other parents successfully navigate the special education process by providing training and one-on-one support, both professionally and as a volunteer.  

Her experience includes:  developing and presenting training sessions for organizations and at statewide conferences for both parents and professionals; working in the special education department for a large school district; working for nonprofit parent support organizations; serving on the Special Education Advisory Board for a large school district; and organizing and managing a large special education conference for parents. Brenda earned her Master's degree in Educational Human Resource Development with a specialization in Adult Education from Texas A&M University in May 2018.

Parent Reviews

Robyn from Victoria, Texas says:  "Brenda Nelson has become my Special Education Guru!  She has a plethora of knowledge, and if she does not know the answer, she will find the answer.  Brenda has assisted me in planning for my son's ARD meetings, attended ARD meetings, and most importantly she kept me, the parent and primary advocate for my son, calm and collected.  I have learned so much from Brenda over the years, and it has helped immensely to build my confidence in successfully advocating for my son and his individualized education plan.  Learning about special education and your child's rights can be overwhelming at times.  I am most thankful for Brenda's patience with me during the learning curve.  I will be advocating for my son for the rest of his life and I now have the skills and knowledge to do so effectively, thanks to Brenda."
Lori from Boling, Texas says:  "Thank you for everything you have done for us.  The day I met you at the library was not by accident, but our lives were forever changed.  You have empowered me as a parent and friend to stand up and advocate for my son.  I cannot get pushed around or forgotten by the system any longer.  Never once were my requests too much for you.  You saw each request as a challenge and always helped us to be successful.  In 2019, my son will graduate from Boling High School, and I owe much of his success to you. Thank you, Brenda, from the bottom of my heart for always going above and beyond for my family."

Educator Reviews

Jackie, a school district Autism Specialist says:  "Not only has Brenda been instrumental in training parents in our area, she has also provided information to our school districts to aid in developing parental involvement in the Admission, Referral, and Dismissal (ARD) process. Brenda has a great passion for supporting and educating other parents, and the professionals who support their children."
Fred, a Special Education Director says:  "Brenda has been very successful in helping parents manage and develop an understanding of the complex special education process.  I believe her success is the result of being able to work with parents and school personnel in facilitating communication and mediating conflict.  Such success requires an understanding of adult behavior and knowing how to lead individuals to decisions of mutual agreement."

Excellence in Education and Training